Early 2018, my spiritual journey reached a new height. And it affected my thinking and behavior in a major way. I received an overload of new information, which caused my mind to go into a deep transformation. I was, and am still, evolving from an ordinary, physical human being in a world dominated by ego, to a spiritually elevated and more vulnerable being, eliminating the boundaries of this tangible world we live in.

One of the new goals I set for myself, was to not be held back from doing new, perhaps even risky, things that I have always wanted to do in this life time. I started to realize that: ‘’if you dream of it, it has already been created inside your mind. If you want to bring it into reality, all you’ve got to do from there is live it.’’ This is how the process of developing my own brand, OUTER SPACE WRLD, started at the beginning of 2019.

OUTER SPACE WRLD is an exclusive, but casual vibe, animal-friendly streetwear and lifestyle brand, inspired by everything out of the ordinary and into the universe. The brand was established in The Netherlands by myself, and was launched early September '20. The designs used for the OUTER SPACE WRLD gear and apparel include planets, extraterrestrials, mindfulness and everything else cool and spacey. Some items are available in limited quantities, which means that not all items will be re-stocked once sold out, so don’t miss out by waiting too long to purchase your favorite item(s).

Have a pleasant shopping journey. And welcome to OUTER SPACE WRLD;  A brand designed for all unique and abundant light beings.