WHAT IS GOING ON?*Over 8000 Gaza civilians, of which nearly half are children, have recently lost their lives in the conflict between Zionists and Palestinians. The situation erupted once again when, on October 7, Hamas allegedly bombed Israel, murdering over 1400 citizens, and abducted about 240 Israelis. Palestine has been living under severe conditions and occupation by Israel over the past decades.The amount of innocent lives now being taken by Israel Defense Forces' offensiveand the damage caused to Palestine is unjust and abominable. Gaza is covered in rubble and thousands of civilians are living in fear and/or fighting to survive. Hospitals have been bombed and there is a huge shortage on medication, food, water and electricity, due to supply restrictions from Israel.We have been busy looking into ways to provide aid for Gaza.The Palestine Fund is - and has been - making a difference with their donationsby providing (mental) support for children in Gaza, offering necessary supplies,recently handing out warm meals to those in need, and much more.

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